Philotheus Nisch
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I´m a photographer currently living and working in Leipzig, Germany.
For inquiries and collaborations feel free to get in touch.


Wir tun nur so, Galerie Julia Waldmann, Hamburg, 2019
Before the Beginning, CGP Gallery, London, 2019
Manifest of Practice, Thüringer Staatskanzlei, Berlin, 2019
Blumen, Bulbus, Galerie Julia Waldmann, Hamburg, 2018
And all of A Sudden It Changed Color, Galerie ff15, Leipzig, 2017
III, Künstlerhaus Wendenstraße, Studio 54, Hamburg, 2017
Das Kapital, Class of Peter Piller, Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, 2017
Summer Studio Exhibition
, Krudebude, Leipzig, 2016
Here | somewhere else, Lichthaus, Weimar, 2016
Dots, Solo-Exhibition, Helmut, Leipzig, 2016
Sticks, Riga Photomonth, Riga, 2016
She is no longer present, Galerie Iconotop, Weimar, 2015
Gold, Solo-Exhibition, Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar, 2015
Traffic, Das Bauhaus. Dalla Thuringia. Expo Milan, 2015
Fixed Muscles, Shortlist Unseen Dummy Award, Amsterdam, 2014
Colour Class, Galerie Rothamel, Erfurt, 2013
Souvenirs, Laden, Weimar, 2013
Vom Ende der Welt, Marke.6, Neues Museum, Weimar, 2013


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Philotheus Nisch
Konstantinstraße 12
04315 Leipzig


Cover for Tagesspiegel Berliner about hope and how we can still save the world.

I had the fun assignment to shoot this weeks Die Zeit cover for todays launch of the new ressort STREIT.

Photography on texts by Keller Easterling and Saskia Sassen about infrastructural shifts in the arts, the environment and in activism for Frieze Magazine.

A story about men sandals at the office for the current issue of SZ Magazin.

What if we will live forever? A scenario in the current issue of brand eins.

Peace on earth? A scenario in the february issue of brand eins.

How aging affects sleep (and vice versa) for american science publication Endpoints.

One picture from my series for Die Epilog about planning, struggling and beeing stressed. To see the full series come by at the 3rd of May and join the magazine release in Berlin.

From now on I will contribute pictures of artist recipes for the biannual magazine Ohne Titel published by NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. First recipe: Plastic Soup by Pinar Yoldas.

I shot two pictures for a article in Dummy Magazine about a tragedy, freedom and attempts to escape jail.

For the current issue of Das Magazin on how to cook on a single hotplate.

What happens if our planet warms up by 2°C? A scenario in the february issue of brand eins.

My new series Before the Beginning is out now and will be on view this weekend at Dilston Grove Church London.

I made a series about how chronic pain affects the brain for Spiegel Wissen.

I shot a bamboo toothbrush and a glass water bottle for swiss magazine Das Magazin about the dilemma of consuming and trying to safe the planet at the same time.

I shot a series of foodtrends from several decades for brand eins.

What if all borders were open? A scenario in the current issue of brand eins.

Happy to be part of the Grand Ouvert Exhibition at Kunsthaus Erfurt amongst a whole bunch of great photographers from Bauhaus-Universität Weimar!

I shot some drugs for the current issue of brand eins. What if all drugs were legal?

Im showing some new work on Friday at Galerie Julia Galerie Julia Waldmann Hamburg. Opening at 7pm! “Bulbus (Paradise)”

Photography for Hohe Luft cover topic Is that still normal?

What would happen if public broadcasting were abolished? A scenario in the current issue of brand eins.

The realization of the internet of things is still incomplete. So why not just observing and talking to your dog while beeing somewhere else? For brand eins.

Musicvideo I directed together with Janis Auerblum for the Leipzig based record label The Circl

From now on I will contribute photos to the monthly column “Was wäre, wenn…? Ein Szenario” for brand eins. It starts in the latest issue with a scenario about the future of electric vehicles.

Documentation at the International Summerfestival 2017 for Kampnagel

New photo series for brand eins featuring 5 things that are not free of charge anymore.

Group show with Katrin Becker, Stephan Kopiczinski, Philip Markert, Simon Reich and myself at Galerie FF15 in Leipzig. 25th of May – 4th of June 2017.

Photography for the brand eins article about the future of work.

For the brand eins february issue on marketing I shot this dyptich about the excessive amount of mail and order catalogues.

I shot a few computer mice on the article about Gig Economy for the January issue of brand eins

New issue of brand eins with focus on taste is out now – I photographed some polystyrene for the column on Crowdfunding!

brand eins november issue is out now! This time the column deals with Native Advertising.

New brand eins issue with the focus on health and an article about work-life-balance!work-lifedsc_1338_b

From this month on I´m contributing photographs to texts by Christoph Koch for brand eins. The column begins with a text about the internet of things in the current issue!internet_der_dinge_a

Solo-Exhibition Dots at Helmut in Leipzig from 17th of June until 9th of July 2016.


Happy to announce that my series Sticks are exhibited at Riga Photomonth! The photographs will be displayed from the 2nd until 15th of May 2016 in advertising stands throughout the city of Riga. (Photos by Alnis Stakle)

She is no longer present is a collaborative exhibition among Vitrine and Iconotop Galleries with the featuring artists Brian Bixby (USA) and Philotheus Nisch (DE). (Photo by Thomas Raatz)

Reflektor online! An installation I’ve built together with Johannes Siebler.

Exhibition and presentation of my thesisproject about Gold at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

Photography for Projektil Magazine: The Magazine PROJEKTIL 2014 shows the outputs of a colorful and vibrant lecture- and workshop series took place at Bauhaus-University in the summer of 2014. It portraits guests as Peter Puklus, Masanao Hirayama, Viktor Hachmang, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Tobias Zielony, I Like Birds, Lucky Dragon´s Sumi Ink Club, Mark Prendergast, The Rodina & Geoffrey Lillemon.
Release: 1st of April 2015. Get your copy here!

Exhibition Teaser for Projektil 2014