Home 2017
    • Before the beginning is a series of photographic scultures representing different concepts about the beginning of existence.

    • Nackenhörnchen are u-shaped cushions, helping people to sleep in trains, busses and airplanes. On journeys the neck cushion is a most helpful accesoire, back home it turns into an impractical and meaningless object. The series results out of this issue.

      All photographed cushions were bought at a public auction of lost properties of the international Airport in Frankfurt.

      The series was made in collaboration with Florian Bräunlich.

    • Gold is a multi-layered project that investigates the nature of gold as a material, a symbol, an object of value, a metaphor and as colour.

    • Flieger displays various paper planes.

      The photographic objects were folded out of chromogenic color paper and came briefly in contact with different light sources.

      In the end of the process the objects transforming back in a two-dimensional shape by unfolding and processing the material.

    • This project aims to visualize the act of smoking a cigarette.

      A tabletop was fully covered in photographic paper with an ashtray on it, while sitting on a chair and smoking. The embers of the cigarette fixed the movements of the cigarette while smoking and left traces behind.

      The act of smoking itself manifests as a photographic gesture in the darkroom.

    • Studies of various encountered piles.

    • These Photographs are showing light imprints of glowing sticks.

      Glow sticks are chemical light-sources with the properties of long-lasting luminous intensity. The light can not be turned off and can be used only once.

      Some of the sticks in this series are used for military purposes like target marking and night-operations, others are labeled as party glow sticks.